CUB SCOUTS: Boys, ages 6 through 11, or 1st through 5th grade.

DEN: A group of Cub Scouts of the same rank that meet on a regular basis, usually bi-weekly or monthly. PACK: A group of dens that meets once a month.

CUBMASTER: The VOLUNTEER ADULT responsible for the planning of the Pack meeting and the Master of Ceremonies at all pack events.

ASSISTANT CUBMASTER: The VOLUNTEER ADULT responsible for assisting in planning of the Pack meetings and assisting the Cubmaster at the Pack meetings and other pack events.

PACK COMMITTEE: The VOLUNTEER GROUP of adults assigned various duties to formulate and conduct a well-rounded, exciting scouting program.

PACK COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON: The VOLUNTEER ADULT responsible for all aspects of the Pack operations and the person who is in charge of the Pack Committee.

EVENT CHAIRPERSON: Any VOLUNTEER ADULT responsible for coordinating, planning and organizing a
particular pack event.

PACK TREASURER: The VOLUNTEER ADULT responsible for all aspects of the Pack finances. Pack 3283’s

PACK CHARTER ORGANIZATION: A religious, civic, fraternal, educational or other group that has
applied for and received a charter to operate a Scouting unit. Pack 3283s Charter Organization is Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (ABVM).

PACK CHARTER ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVE: The VOLUNTEER ADULT responsible for maintaining a healthy relationship between the pack and its Charter organization.

DEN LEADERS and ASSISTANT DEN LEADERS: The VOLUNTEER ADULTS responsible for conducting den meetings.

DISTRICT: A geographical administrative unit of a council. Pack 3283 is a member of the Eagle Spirit District.

COUNCIL: A charter body of representatives from organizations operating Scouting units and members at large responsible for Scouting in a designated geographical area. Pack 3283 is a member of the President Ford Field Service Council, a unit of the Michigan Crossroads Council.

DEN CHIEF: An older Boy Scout, who is appointed by his Boy Scout Troop and the Cub Scout Pack to assist the leaders of a Cub Scout den with den activities. Typically, Den Chiefs have been Cub Scouts in the same Pack as the Den they assist.

AKELA: A term of endearment given to any parent, leader, or role model who does their best to help make the pack go. (In “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling, AKELA is the leader of the wolf pack who adopts and raises Mowgli, a human boy who he finds lost in the jungle.)