One of the most critical elements of a successful Scouting experience is offering support and active parent involvement. You can make a huge difference in your son’s Scouting experience when you:

GUIDE YOUR CUB SCOUT: Help him to understand and accomplish the achievements required for each rank. Show interest in and appreciation for his accomplishments and the new things he is learning.

ATTEND DEN AND PACK MEETINGS: Scouting promotes family togetherness. Each family should be actively involved in their son’s scouting program.

SUPPORT YOUR DEN LEADER: Take the initiative to ask how you can help during the year.

HELP YOUR PACK - In order to successfully carry out the wide variety of activities throughout the year, we need help from every Pack family. We ask that parents assist with at least one pack activity during the year. If you can help with more than one activity, that would be great! If you want to volunteer for a specific activity such as camping, day outings, popcorn fundraiser, advancement, secretary or many other opportunities, contact your den leader and/or the Pack Committee Chair.